With the fastest growth rate in Latin America, Peru has great potential for international merchants who want to expand their businesses in the region. Thus, even though it’s number 6 among the Top Markets of Latam — preceded by Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile — and represents 5% of all the region’s e-commerce revenue, its U$ 13 billion market should not be overlooked.

With the the second-highest penetration of cross-border e-commerce in Latam, Peru still has low, albeit increasing, levels of card penetration. Thus, understading how Peruvian consumers like to pay online and what their consumer habits are is fundamental to tap into the country's potential.

This is what we explore in our exclusive Country Guide. Here you’ll find up-to-date data about the market, its consumers, their payment and shopping habits, how each segment was impacted and is recovering from the pandemic, and much more.


50% of Peruvian consumers shopped online in 2021

compra internet

E-commerce sales are expected to surpass US$ 28 billion in 2025


68% internet penetration and 64% smartphone penetration rates

In our exclusive Country Guide for Peru, the second main cross-border market in Latin America, you’ll find:

  1. Peru in numbers;
  2. E-commerce habits and preferences in detail;
  3. Industry trends for each segment;
  4. Local payment methods and their share of e-commerce;
  5. And much more!

Accepting local payment methods unlocks 109 million potential Latam customers who want to shop online but do not have a credit card.

From rising shopping habits in the “new normal” to the alternative payment methods rising in the scene, download our guide for free right now to understand all you need to know about the Peruvian market and how to succeed within its potential.

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